Sunday Runner EDC Kit

Sunday Runner Everyday Carry Kit is a combination of different, curated essentials that sunday runners characters would carry daily on their running routine.
What are Sunday Runners you might ask ? Sunday is a holiday, the day when you do things not by profession, but by passion, just for pleasure. Ultimately resulting in a lack of rigor in the practice which attributes a derogatory sense of lack of seriousness to the expression.
It's not all that negative though, a sunday runner has a unique vibe of style, a careless attitude that our friends at illustrates perfectly.

But above all, an EDC Kit is the best way to be able to deal with anything your day requires.
So here's a list of everyday carry gear that anyone needs if he wants to be prepared for any situation involving a sunday run and all that obviously (and most importantly) with style.

This gear is for Amateurs or, like we like to call them, Sunday Runners. Just a good vibes running everyday carry kit, which we will now see item by item.


Sunday Runner EDC Kit

  • Tracksmith Amateur Tshirt - Buy Now
  • Cotopaxi Crux Shorts - Buy Now
  • Izipizi #D Sunglasses - Buy Now
  • Polar Vantage V Smartwatch - Buy Now
  • Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 Shoes - Buy Now
  • Sony NWWS623/B Walkman - Buy Now

So here's our Sunday Runner EDC Kit, we hoped you enjoyed it and if you have any recommendations or essentials you think we missed we'd be happy to know about them: please let us know in the comments !

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