Men in Black EDC Kit

Men In Black Everyday Carry Kit is a combination of different, curated essentials that one who associates with Men In Black would carry daily. But above all, an EDC Kit is the best way to be able to deal with anything your day requires.
So here's a list of everyday carry gear that any man needs if he wants to be prepared for any situation a regulating alien activity agent could encounter, and all that obviously (and most importantly) with a classy timeless style.

This gear is for a Men In Black agent on a normal day of work (not on mission), where no specialty equipment is required. Just an everyday carry kit for a Man in Black, which we will now see item by item.


Men In Black EDC Kit

Police Blackbird 10 Sunglasses

Black sunglasses are to Men in Black what attention is to instagram models.
The Police Blackbird 10 sunglasses are those that Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) wears in the latest Men in Black movie (according to GlassesRadar) .

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Hamilton Ventura watch

A futurist, yet elegant watch. The Hamilton Ventura actually also is the watch that Chris Hemsworth (Agent K) wears in the latest Men in Black. In previous Men in Black movies it was the same watch but with a dark dial.

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Tesla Coil Plasma Lighter

Whether you are a smoker or not, a lighter is an essential gentleman everyday carry item.
The Tesla Coil Plasma lighter is minimalist and chic, until you open it and the electric arc sets him apart from other lighters.

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No need to introduce the Neuralyzer, if we do you probably had your memory erased for your own good. An essential tool for the MiB agent.

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Hugo Boss Arezzo Wallet

A secret service agent always jumps on the opportunity to take out his badge wallet, well the Hugo Boss Arezzo wallet will allow you to display your MiB agent card thanks to it's mesh ID window.

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Lanvin Silk Shantung Necktie

Special Agents can't wear just any tie. This slim necktie by French fashion house Lanvin is crafted from black silk shantung.

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So here's our Men in Black EDC Kit, we hoped you enjoyed it and if you have any recommendations or essentials you think we missed we'd be happy to know about them: please let us know in the comments !

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