Action Bronson

The Action Bronson Everyday Carry Kit is a combination of different, curated essentials that Action Bronson would carry daily. But above all, an EDC Kit is the best way to be able to deal with anything your day requires.

This post was partly inspired by Action Bronson’s essentials video..

… and an unprepared day carry picture:

So here’s a list of everyday carry gear that anyone needs if he wants to be prepared for any situation involving a tasty food tour and some weed … all that obviously (and most importantly) with style.

This gear is for food and weed connoisseurs with the Action Bronson vibe to it. Just your typical Action Bronson everyday carry kit, which we will now see item by item.


Action Bronson EDC Kit

  • Ray Ban Double Bridge 4279 – Buy Now
  • Rubber Bands – Buy Now
  • Cash
  • Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer – Buy Now
  • ¬†Cocoa Butter Lotion – Buy Now
  • Action Bronson Notebook – Buy Now

So here’s our Action Bronson EDC Kit, we hoped you enjoyed it and if you have any recommendations or essentials you think we missed we’d be happy to know about them: please let us know in the comments !

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